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We build custom homes and tackle major remodeling projects across the greater Houston, TX area!  If you considering building a new home in Houston, or remodeling your existing home, be sure to give us a call!

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Over the past several years we have managed hundreds of construction projects in Houston, ranging from very large custom homes down to hall bathroom remodels.  What makes our company special is that we are equipped to handle the entire construction process from start to finish.  So rather than having one company build your home, another to do the pool, and another to do the deck, we design, manage, and build all of those!  

We are owner owned and operated, so we offer a very personal level of service.  It’s NOT our goal to be the highest volume builder or remodeling company in Houston!  Our trust mission is to provide high quality Houston building services at a competitive rate.  Period.  


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We maintain an A+ rating with the most trusted small business directory, the BBB.

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Our testimonials speak for themselves.  We have a flawless 5 star rating on the largest remodeling site…  

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We Don't Just Build Custom Homes....

The list of services you see below is not even a complete list of everything we’ve done.  We’ve done custom closets, basement finishing, specialty roofs, additions, and more.  If it’s a fairly large scale construction project, it’s perfect for us!  Go ahead and read a bit about our most common types of projects below, but don’t hesitate to call us about a specialty project!

Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchen Remodels are likely the most common construction project in Houston, TX right now.  And fortunately for you, if you are considering remodeling your kitchen, we’ve completed too many to remember.  😉

We can help you with the design, finish selections, and project management side of things so your entire kitchen remodel experience is perfect.  We want to keep things on time and on budget.  Our clients are never pressured into moving in a certain design direction.  This is YOUR kitchen, that YOU will live with!

Our goal is to be there to provide assistance, and then once your mind is made up, the design is approved, we get to work.  We prepare your home, protect your other rooms from dust and debris, and even setup a temp kitchen if needed!  It’s our job to make you feel at home even when your home is a contruction site!

Bathroom Remodeling

Bathroom remodeling is another type of project that we frequently are called to bid.  It’s obvious that kitchen and bath remodeling generally offers you the best return per dollar spent.  Investing in your master bath is usually the place to start, but we do hall baths, basement baths, and more.

We’d start with a free consultation.  The goal of this meeting is to learn more about your budget, timeframe, and style.  Once we’ve learned more about the project, it’s our job to get you back a fast, comprehensive, transparent bid.  Once you see our bid and compare them to other contractors, you will see the glaring difference in quality.  Give us a call today and let’s discuss your next bathroom remodeling project.


Next on the list is window replacement.  Replacing your windows can instantly add fresh curb appeal to your home AND save you money over the long term.  A lot of homes we see have old, rotted windows that simply don’t keep the hot and cold air out.  This forces your AC and Furnace to work overtime essentially year round!

If you couple old windows with an old HVAC system, you have a recipe perfect for HIGH energy bills.  By upgrading to brand new windows you’ll see a dramatic difference.  Replacing your windows is not a super invasive type of project like some of the others and it’s generally a fast turn around once the windows arrive.  Call us today and let’s talk about your current window situation.


As a custom home builder in Houston, you’re going to have to be proficient in siding installation.  Most homes these days are a combo of brick and stone fronts with the other three sides usually being siding.  Simply put, it’s cheaper that way.  So it’s clear why MOST consumers opt for three sides being siding of some kind.

Because siding is cheaper than brick or stone it frees up your budget a bit so you can allocate that budget to the inside of your home, or more stone accents / features for the front of your home.  Obviously we leave this up to you, BUT we want you to know that we are very experienced with the main types of siding:  vinyl siding, hardie board, wood, and more.  Give us a call if you need your siding replaced or you are considering a “brick front” home.

Pools & Decks

Often times we find families that are building homes want to add a beautiful swimming pool, deck, or both to the back of their home, and it’s easy to understand why.  In Houston, we have great weather for entertaining outdoors, especially if you have a pool and covered patio or deck.  We can certainly help you with all of the above, whether it is part of the home building process OR it’s a project you are considering for your existing home.

An experienced pool and deck builder  will have the necessary tools to first design the space, and second, provide a very clear estimate and timeline for the project.  Call us today if you are in the planning stage.  We’d be happy to come take a look at the potential job site and give you all the guidance we can offer.

Dozens of Happy Houston Clients

Check out a small sample of our reviews and then give us a call. We have plenty of references and we can show you past work that we have completed as well.

Before we even started construction we knew we had made the right choice in hiring Ernesto and the guys at Vazquez Custom Homes.  Their process is very thorough, and I was confident in every decision because they were so helpful.  We were thinking building a home would be a nightmare after hearing so many stories from friends, but this builder really did make sure everything went perfectly!  We love our new home and we are excited to spend the rest of our lives in it!
Jane Thompson

Jane Thompson

My wife Linda and I are very excited to have moved into our new home.  We love the kitchen, and the overall floor plan is perfect.  The team at Vazquez Custom Homes went above and beyond our expectations in every possible way.  We had built a home back in 1996 and it was a painful experience, but these guys were a night and day difference.  Just perfect!  Thanks!!!
Bob Underwood

Bob Underwood

Awesome work guys!  The new addition added over 300 sq. ft of perfection in my opinion!!  I love the new windows, the colors, just everything about it.  My wife does as well so we sincerely want to tell you thank you for giving us everything we could possibly want with this addition.  Sincerely, Rick
Rick Hux

Rick Hux

We’re happy to provide you with a free estimate at ANY time. Just call us at (281) 305-0102 OR you can click the button below to tell us a little bit about your project.