Houston Bathroom Remodeling Specialists

Many people neglect remodeling their bathrooms but it is something most interior decorating specialists in the Houston area don’t understand. Why? Because a bathroom can have a dramatic effect on the overall look and feel of the interior of your home. Bathroom remodeling just happens to be one of the many construction specialties that we do. We have a very creative design team that can help you with your ideas and a bathroom remodeling project is also much more affordable than you might think.

Tips for Hiring a Houston Bathroom Remodeler

One of the most stressful and time consuming parts of any remodeling job is finding and hiring a contractor to do the job for you. Here are some helpful tips that will take away some of the stress from this process:

Before You Start Looking

  • Clearly define your project

You need to research your bathroom project by talking to people at home improvement centers and by looking up information online. Once you have an idea of what you want to do, then write it down on paper detailing specifically what steps you need to take to accomplish the design you now have in your head.

  • Set your Budget and Stick to It

Money is always a big stressor. Set yourself a reasonable budget for your project and stick to it. Don’t be swayed into spending more by fancy sales talk. Give yourself a 10% cushion too that will allow you to compensate for changes or unforeseen cost overruns.

  • Ask others for advice

If you know anyone who has recently done some remodeling and more specifically bathroom remodeling; ask them who they used, how they felt about the company and also ask them for any tips that might help your remodeling job go smoother.

As you Look

  • Verify References

Ask any contractor you will hire for references and then check them. Don’t be afraid to ask their references tough questions about the contractor you are thinking about hiring.

  • Get Written Estimates

It is always a wise choice when doing such things as remodeling projects to get at least 3 estimates. Be careful that you are comparing apples with apples and don’t let a small amount of money keep you from choosing a higher bidder if they really impress you.

  • Check Some Reviews Online

Go online and see if the companies you are checking out have any good or bad reviews about them.

Before You Sign the Contract

  • Have Everything You Expect CLEARLY Written Into the Contract

This one is self-explanatory. If you want something specific done as part of the project make sure it is written into the contract before you sign on the dotted line.

  • Discuss Payment Guidelines

Money can be a huge source of stress for you and your contractor. Make sure your payment terms are agreed to and then stick to them.

These tips should help steer you toward finding a reliable bathroom remodeling contractor in Houston and many of them we are confident will lead you back to us.

Planning Your Bathroom Remodel

We meet all different types of customers when it comes to bathroom remodeling projects. There are those who pretty much know exactly what they want and others who really just want to give us some basic guidelines and let us run with it. Either of those options is fine with us. There are also those who are kind of stuck in the middle and if you are one of those then we can offer the help of one of our excellent interior designers that we have on staff.

Think of our Houston area interior design specialists as a rudder on a ship if you will. They are not there to bombard you with their ideas for your bathroom remodeling job but instead will gently steer you in the right direction to making sound bathroom remodeling choices. They will tell you their opinion about what options you like as to whether or not they will give you the effect you desire to achieve with your bathroom makeover. Make no mistake about it though, the final decisions on your remodeling choices will be left up to you and your personal tastes will show through brightly in the finished project.

In order to help us help you with your bathroom remodeling job you will need to do a few things first on your own. These include:

  • Evaluate the space you have available to work with in your bathroom for the remodel. You have to have enough space available to do the things you want.
  • Check with your neighbors and friends who have similar size and valued homes and find out what they have been doing to their bathrooms as far as remodeling goes.
  • Consider your future plans with your home. Will you be changing homes in the foreseeable future or staying where you are for a long time. This makes a big difference as to how much money you will spend on the project.
  • After considering the first three factors set a budget for what you believe you can spend on the remodeling job.

Average Cost to Remodel a Bathroom

We have said all along in every phase of construction and remodeling we do, it is hard to put an exact cost on bathroom designs. Everyone has different tastes and different visions for what they want to achieve with their bathroom remodeling job. Two people with the same size bathroom to work with may have totally different budgets for the project. Also, one person might just want to refinish the bathroom cabinets while another person will want to upgrade and replace them. That is a big difference in price. Also, one Houston homeowner may want to work with the existing bathroom fixtures while yet another may want such new fixtures as expensive designer toilets and sinks.

The one thing we do know, as far as price is concerned, is that we will help you work within your budget. Many times we will know lower cost alternatives to some of the things you want used in the bathroom remodel that will work just as good as what you initially proposed. Our interior design and support staff are incredibly gifted when it comes to suggesting low cost alternatives that still look great. We will get you that look you so badly want from your Houston bathroom remodel one way or another and do it so it fits nicely into your proposed budget.

Bathroom Remodeling Ideas & Tips

Here are a few things to keep in mind as you plan for your bathroom remodeling job:

– Be Ready For Some Inconvenience

Hopefully if you are getting ready to remodel a bathroom it is not the only one you have in your home (Rent a port-o-john if it is – no joking here). Either way you have to be prepared not to be able to use it for several hours a day during the remodel and if your bathroom remodeling project is extensive enough you might just not be able to use your bathroom at all.

– Decrease The Risk Of Water Damage

Despite the fact that bathrooms have several fixtures in them that use water, it is surprising how non-waterproof the things present in a bathroom really are. A bathroom remodeling job will give you the chance to change some or all of that. If you are redoing your walls then use moisture resistant drywall when putting them back together. Try to have your contractor do a good job of sealing cracks in the walls and floor so your bathroom becomes somewhat encapsulated and holds water in case of an accident instead of it going elsewhere in your home.

– Design with Cleaning in Mind

There are choices in sink material, tub material and tile selection that will make your bathroom much easier to clean and you want to keep this in mind when selecting the products you will use. Also the more tile you use the easier your bathroom will be to clean as opposed to having painted drywall. So consider this when planning your bathroom remodeling job.

– Focus On What’s Important And Make It Timeless

Don’t worry about fancy artwork and wall hangings for your bathroom if you are on a tight budget; focus on the important things in the bathroom such as sinks, shower heads and faucets. Stay away from fad trends too that will make your bathroom need another makeover in a few short years.

Bathroom Features to Consider

Despite being some of the smaller rooms in your Houston, Texas home, bathrooms still leave you with a lot of choices when it comes to remodeling them. Here are some things to think about for your bathroom remodeling job:

– Sinks

Where to start on sinks is the problem. Your choices here will be virtually limitless. The best advice here is no matter what style of sink you choose make sure it still leaves you about 2 ½ feet of space to walk by it and for when it is in use.

– Faucets and Fixtures

You can easily make a bathroom look dramatically different just by replacing your fixtures and it won’t cost you a whole lot of money to do it either. You can achieve a fresh look in your bathroom simply by changing fixture colors or adding more decorative ones.

– Countertops

Once again you will have many choices in countertops to choose from. You can choose something natural like a marble or granite countertop or even go with some synthetic or laminate style choices that will cut down on your expenses in this area a little bit.

– Bathtubs and Showers

These are not usually replaced during a bathroom remodeling job unless it is a very extensive project. Again, adding new fixtures or doing something like resurfacing the existing bathtub or shower can make for a nice change in the looks of your bathroom.

– Toilets

If you are going to add a toilet during the project make it an upgraded one that saves water when it flushes and is more functional all around. You also probably do not want to take on the expense of relocating the toilet because that is a major undertaking to say the least.

– Lighting and Mirrors

New lighting and mirrors can have a dramatic effect on making your bathroom look great. Our design specialists will be a big help to you in choosing these features wisely.

Remember, we are always available to answer any questions you may have about your Houston bathroom remodeling job.

Why Choose Us?

Don’t take chances entrusting your bathroom remodeling job to just anyone. It is far too important of a project that will add to the overall look and value of your home. With Vasquez Remodeling and Construction you get one of the Houston Metropolitan Areas most reputable and sought after construction and remodeling companies working on your side. We are known for both our outstanding customer service and high quality work too. You get all of this and more at a very affordable price. So the next time you need a bathroom in your home remodeled, make sure we are the first one on your list to call and get an estimate.