“How do I choose a deck builder? Where are the decking installers near me?” These are questions you’re probably asking yourself while looking for a deck builder in Houston.

It’s a good decision to do some research before finally hiring someone who is going to build an aesthetically-pleasing, cost-effective, and long-lasting deck where you can entertain guests and spend time with loved ones. Here are some tips for finding a reputable deck contractor in Houston.

Payment conditions and transparency on costs

A good deck or patio installer can compare past projects to determine an estimate for the work you need to get done. Thus, you’ll have an idea of the amount of the entire construction project.

Having upfront cost knowledge will help you plan your budget and negotiate a completion timetable, too.

So, when finding a deck builder and installer, look for one that is transparent and upfront about specifics like payment conditions and costs of labor. They should also be able to give you a list of references of clients for whom they’ve completed deck-building work in the past year.


Before hiring a deck builder, ask about the work warranty, which must be clear from the beginning. Ask about any repair discounts and follow-ups in that they can check issues, if any, with the patio or deck.

Within two weeks, for instance, they must be able to do a follow-up regarding your satisfaction with the completed project as well.

Nevertheless, deck contractors generally offer discounted repair works or follow-up appointments after the installation.

End date planning

Putting an end date can give you an idea of the service quality you’ll get from a deck installer. Their willingness to put an end date on the project can mean that they care and that they are experienced.


Research, search the internet for feedback from past clients, and check out contractors that are a member of an organization.

You can also ask relatives, friends, and colleagues for referrals.

Read reviews about contractors, and perhaps also ask nearby hardware for some suggestions.

Before starting with the research, determine the project’s scope and the budget you’re willing to spend on the deck-building project.

Visit the contractor’s website, check for warranty, need for building permits, and insurance coverage.

Quotes from different deck builders

Once you’ve evaluated and narrowed down choices to at least three deck builders, obtain a quote from each of them.

Be sure to meet and talk to them in person so that you could discuss the details and obtain an estimate – that must include the payment schedule, timelines, methods, and materials, among other things.

Compare each quote and determine which contractor can offer you the best value service.

Insurance and licensing

When choosing among deck contractors, check for licensing and insurance for your peace of mind. While some contractors without these can save you some dollars, it’s not the best route to take especially if someone gets injured in the construction of your deck or patio. You might also have to pay for damages to your neighbor’s property.

Nonetheless, insurance can protect you from any liabilities in case something untoward happens during and even after the deck’s been built.

The deck building company’s insurance will take care of the workers they have and any damage that might result from the construction of your deck.

Licensing also matters to ensure that the deck installer works legally in that they have a registered business where they are working and living, which is a part of their permit requirements.

The final decision

Before finalizing anything with the deck contractor in Houston, see to it that EVERYTHING is in writing. This will include the costs, designs, materials, payment schedules, and timelines.

Also, you must check for any of your responsibilities like building permits, etc. 

Nevertheless, review the contract with the contractor and sign it when you’ve cleared all the details and you’re okay with them.

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