Houston Kitchen Remodeling Specialists

Decorating experts will tell you there literally is no better place to start a dramatic home makeover than in your kitchen. There also is no better company to help you do it than the remodeling experts at Houston’s own Vasquez Remodeling and Construction Company. We are a business that has been serving the Greater Houston Area for many years now and doing it in such a way that our company name has become synonymous with quality work and premier customer service. Our expert sales and design team can help you plan all of the areas of your elegant and new kitchen remodeling job.

Hiring the Right Kitchen Remodeling Contractor

We are a Houston based remodeling contractor who just so happens to also specialize in redoing kitchens and we would love to oversee your project for you. We also encourage everyone to do a thorough search before choosing a kitchen remodeling contractor that is right for them. Here are some of the things you should consider before hiring any kitchen remodeling contractor:

– Be thorough in your search

Ask people who have had their homes remodeled who did the work and how the company was to work with; the closer this person is to your inner circle the more reliable this information will be. Check the references a remodeling company supplies you and also follow that up with an internet search for individual reviews on that company too. It is also never a bad idea to check a company’s reputation on vendor lists such as “Yelp” and “Angie’s List” too.

– Get three estimates

Experts recommend when you are getting a high cost remodeling job done to get estimates from at least three different remodeling companies. These estimates should be detailed and have a cost breakdown for each phase of the project.

– Before you sign on the dotted line

Your contract is a very important document to say the least. Make sure it contains everything that you want the contractor to specifically do during your kitchen remodeling project before you sign it. Have it include as much detail as possible without going overboard. It should also outline draws for the contractor at various stages of the project and also include any pertinent information as far as warranties and other guarantees go. It should spell out in plain English what you are responsible for during the project and what the contractor is responsible for too.

Kitchen Design Ideas & Trends

When people inquire with us about doing their Houston, Texas kitchen remodeling job they usually either have a pretty good idea of what they want to do or are seeking some good guidance for deciding how to do the project. We have in house an excellent interior design team that is more than happy to help each and every one of our valued customers. They will work with the kitchen remodeling ideas you have to help shape your kitchen makeover so it comes out looking exactly like you wanted. No matter what style or motif you choose your kitchen makeover to be done in, we will help you every step of the process to make sure it comes out looking right.

Here are some new norms as it pertains to trends in kitchen remodeling these days:

  • Grey is the new white

White used to be all the rage when it came to the choice of kitchen colors but that has now given way to grey. Grey has proven to be a very functional base color that is easy to work with and goes well with both wooden and metal based kitchen features.

  • Functionality is now key

It’s not all about colors and features anymore when it comes to kitchen remodeling. Customers are also demanding that their new kitchen be functional. Stoves are now placed where they can be easily accessed, people make good use of kitchen islands, and cupboards are installed that open and close with a simple press on them.

  • Bold fixtures are becoming commonplace

It used to be kind of taboo to make your fixtures stand out but that is no longer the case. Such things as oversized light fixtures can really give your new kitchen a beautiful and unique look.

  • Storage Maximization

People no longer want to cram things into cupboard shelves. One of the most popular new trends in kitchen design ideas is to maximize storage space as much as possible. It even works with those cozy little kitchens.

Our design staff has some great small kitchen ideas for creating more storage space.Our interior design specialists would be happy to talk to you about other trends too so you can get your Houston kitchen remodeling job to come out looking perfect.

Crafting a Kitchen Remodeling Plan

If you want to have an amazing looking kitchen in your Houston, Texas home after your remodeling project is done, you can’t just show up at a showroom without any preparation beforehand. It takes a plan like just about everything else in life if you want to get it done right. You not only have to have a clear picture in your mind of what you want the end result to look like but you also have to prepare yourself for what it will be like to have construction work going on in your home for a few days.

– Analyze the Space you have to work with

You need to be aware of the size of your kitchen; what is in there that stays and what is in there that goes during the remodeling process? This will give you a good idea of the things that you can do with the remaining free space and it is something you need to communicate to our design staff also.

– Establish clear goals for your remodeling project

Be very specific here. You need very clear goals about what you want to accomplish with the remodeling project you are having us take on for you. Are you trying to make your Houston kitchen more functional or are you trying to create more storage space; maybe you even want to achieve both goals. These are the types of things you must be clear about when planning your Houston kitchen remodeling job.

– Be prepared to deal with some inconvenience

Allow for some eating out in your budget and buy some microwave dinners too. It will be an inconvenience to be without your kitchen for several days for sure. Be patient and don’t rush the process. Skilled workers take their time so they get everything just right.

Average Costs to Remodel a Kitchen in Houston

Kitchen remodeling costs can vary widely to say the least. Take countertops for instance; there is a huge cost difference between something like a natural granite or marble countertop as opposed to something like a laminate style countertop. There are so many different things that can be changed in a kitchen that will dramatically affect the price of the job. Imagine the cost difference if you will from a kitchen remodeling job that is using the same appliances as opposed to one that includes all new fancy ones.

These are the reasons why each customer needs to do at least a little research on the costs of the new features they want in their kitchen remodeling job and then come up with a budget based on what they want and can afford. Staying within budget is the key to not getting stressed out during the entire kitchen remodeling process. That is also why our sales and design staff uses good old Houston hospitality when we work with you as opposed to high pressure sales tactics. We want your new kitchen remodeling project to be fun and exciting, not leave you worrying and pulling your hair out over expenses.

Features of an Updated Kitchen

– Cabinets and Countertops

These are obviously one of the most critical components that you must get right in order to achieve the look you want with your kitchen remodeling job. There is an abundance of choices in all different colors, materials and price ranges. Many times countertops will set the tone and the mood for how you will design the rest of the kitchen.

– Sinks and Faucets

Just like they were important to the overall looks of the bathrooms in your home, these are very important for the look of the kitchen too. It is one of those things that if you don’t get it right your whole kitchen remodeling job will not look quite as good as it should. These too have a wide variety of styles, prices and materials to choose from so you should be able to find something that works well for you. Stay away from paying for extra features such as spray hoses, soap holders and sink extensions if you are not really going to use them.

– Flooring

Many do-it-yourself contractors completely overlook the flooring in the kitchen when doing their remodel and that is a big mistake. Flooring is another one of your kitchen components that can be a real deal breaker if it does not look right. There are affordable versions that look good so try and replace it even if you are on a tight budget. If you have a little bit of extra room in your budget then engineered hardwood and ceramic tile are choices that look good and are easy to clean.

– Lighting

If you are on a tight budget for your Houston kitchen remodeling job then you can make up for some of what you lack by doing a nice job with the lighting and fixtures. Our excellent design staff can give you some great ideas when it comes to lighting. With options such as recessed lighting, track lighting and bold lighting design you have a lot of different possibilities that will work for you in your newly remodeled kitchen.

Why Choose Us?

There are no guarantees in life but there are guarantees when it comes to kitchen remodeling. We guarantee that if you keep an open mind when listening to our experienced sales and design staff that you will be more than pleased with the finished results of the kitchen remodeling job we do for you. Our skilled craftsmen have access to the finest kitchen products and finest tools available; it is a mix that will help any Houston kitchen remodeling job come out looking fantastic. So come talk to a company that is known to put the customer first and do high quality kitchen makeovers each and every time we do a job.