Memorial / Galleria’s Custom Home Building Experts

There are few times in life you will be so excited as when you are watching your own Memorial / Galleria, Texas custom home being built. What makes it extra nice is you helped design it and you have your handprints all over the project. It is something that will make that custom built home extra special to you always. That is something that we at Vazquez Custom Homes have been doing for many years now; overseeing people’s custom home building projects and seeing the enjoyment they get as their new home rises up from the ground in the Greater Memorial / Galleria Area. We have worked hard to earn the reputation of being one of Memorial / Galleria’s most reliable and trustworthy custom home builders.

Choosing a Custom Home Builder in Memorial / Galleria, TX

Of course we hope you choose us to build your Memorial / Galleria, Texas custom built home but either way we would like to give you some advice on how to select a contractor for the project. That is a lot more that goes into that then meets the eye. Any contractor is charged with not only overseeing their own workers but also subcontractors, they have to keep a close eye on the timing of supplies and there are many other aspects of the build such as scheduling that rest solely on their shoulders. That is why it is so important to hire a reputable contractor to build your new luxury home in Memorial / Galleria.

Here are some guidelines to use during the hiring process of your Memorial / Galleria based custom home builder:

  • Have a good idea of what you want before getting estimates.

It is pretty hard for any housing contractor to do a design and estimate if they don’t know what you want. So do some research and talk to those in the know so you start to form a pretty good idea of what you want your custom home to be like. Asking a family member or friend that has recently been through the process will be a big help here.

  • Interview and get estimates from at least three contractors

Make no mistake about it; hiring a general contractor to oversee your new home’s construction is every bit the same as a job interview except it involves dollar figures too. So make good and sure you treat it as such. It is important that the estimates be detailed and shows the specific steps the contractor will be in charge of during the building process. It is also important to ask exactly what work will be done by the contractor’s employees and what will be done by subcontractors.

  • Choose a good fit for the project

Just because company B did a good job on your neighbors new siding does not mean they can handle all the intricacies of building a new home. So make sure you hire a company that has a lot of home building experience.

  • Check references and look at reviews

If a perspective housing contractor gives you references then by all means check them out. Also check for impartial reviews online and vendor watchdog lists such as “Yelp” and “Angie’s List” to make sure they are reputable.

If you follow these steps you are pretty much assured you will find a good contractor to build your new home. Many times these steps will also lead you right back to us and that would make us very happy.

Estimating the Cost to Build

Estimating the cost to build a new home in the Memorial / Galleria area or anyplace else is kind of like building a puzzle. You have to first break the puzzle down into individual pieces and then build it up again. In other words the easiest and most accurate way to estimate the cost of building a new custom home is by adding up the sum of its parts. You can do this simply by figuring these out yourself or there are computer programs that are pretty good at helping you do it too.

Here are the things you will need to know in order to closely estimate what it will cost you to build your new home:

  • Cost of the land (if you do not already own it).
  • The total square footage of the design you want to build – this will help you figure out costs for the foundation, walls, roof and other costs that are calculated by area.
  • The cost of appliances – add up what you will spend on your furnace, air conditioning, refrigerator and the other appliances that are going into your home.
  • Permits and licenses – these are not cheap so make sure to include them in your new home estimate.
  • Utility Hookups – people such as the power company will make several trips to your lot while your home is being built. This is not done for free.
  • Plumbing Fixtures – this is another big expense along the same lines as the appliances.
  • Electrical work – the nicest custom built home in the world is not much good without electricity.
  • Landscaping and site cleanup – this is another area that can add up to a lot of money if it involves a lot of planting.

If you arrive at the figures for each of these things fairly accurately then you can get a very good idea as to how much your Memorial / Galleria custom built home design will actually cost. Allow about 10% extra just to avoid surprises.

An Overview of Our Memorial / Galleria Home Building Process

Here is a step by step guide of the home building process that you will go through when you contract with us to build your new Memorial / Galleria custom built home.

  1. The Design

Believe it or not the first step in the custom home building process may not even have anything to do with us and that is the design. Many times our customers will come to us with a design they had done with a private architect and home designer. We have no problem with that whatsoever. We also have our own design and architectural staff for customers that would like our help in this area too.

  1. The Contract

The contract can be done in one of two ways. The first is that someone who has heard of our outstanding custom home building reputation in the Memorial / Galleria area may ask us to place a bid on a design. The second is that some people who are referred to us will not even look at anyone else besides us to build their custom home for them. Either way there is always competition and a little give and take on both sides to make the numbers work.

  1. Initial Draw and Supplies

Most custom built homes are bank financed so there is a strict protocol to follow as far as us getting paid. There will usually be an initial draw that we get and that will all go toward the first wave of supplies. We keep a very close watch on supply ordering so there will not be a work stoppage because we do not have something.

  1. Site preparation

Here is where your lot is cleared and leveled if necessary and basements or storm shelters are dug if they are included in the plans.

  1. Foundation

The pouring of the foundation is the next big step in your Memorial / Galleria custom home building process. We make sure the foundation is laid very accurately because the quality of the rest of the building phases is entirely dependent on it.

  1. Framing

Once the foundation is done it is next time to start framing the walls of your new custom built. This is the first time you start to get the sensation that you have a new home.

  1. Roof

After the framing is done then comes the roof. Putting on the roof allows the interior work to begin.

  1. Rough plumbing and electrical

These have to go in before the walls are in finished and it’s done right after the roof has been put on.

  1. Interior

Once the plumbing is in place it is then time to work on the walls and flooring again. Once the walls and floors are in place it will then be time to install the appliances and plumbing fixtures in your home.

  1. Trim

This is where everything else in the house that is needed gets done such as installing lights, outlet covers, railings, tile, etc…

  1. Final walkthrough

This is where we will go through the house together and find even the slightest imperfections and then correct them before final payment is given to us for your custom home build.

Once all these steps are done it will then be time to enjoy your new Memorial / Galleria home.

Custom Home Building FAQ

With being in the custom home business as long as we have been we see many of the same questions time and time again regarding building a custom built home in the Memorial / Galleria area. We thought we would share some of those with you.

Question: Is it best to buy land then contact a builder or vice versa?

A: Our experience tells us that most people who come to us looking to have a custom home built in the Memorial / Galleria area already own a piece of land where they want that house. With that being said, there are also some advantages to contact us or other general contractors first. We build a lot of custom homes and that means we know the area well. There may be some places that we know of where due to certain conditions you may not want to build and we also know places that we feel are hidden gems when it comes to buying land. So basically this one you can really leave up to customer preference.

Question: Does it always cost more to build a true custom home as opposed to a pre-built home?

A: the answer to this one surprises a lot of people. The fact is, if it’s planned right and you compare similar features then it is no more expensive to have a home you helped to design. The reason that custom built homes seem more expensive is that people often feel they need to add all the bells and whistles in order for their home to feel like a true custom home. Avoid extravagant spending and there will be very little difference in price.

Question: I am a handy person with tools. Can I do some of the work myself to save money?

A: If you want to do some of the work to feel invested in your home then ok. The truth is there is really not a lot of savings to be had by a customer doing a small portion of the work themselves and it makes us GC’s a little nervous when we are liable for everything that is built even if it’s done by you.

Why Choose Us?

The answer to that one is simple. We have been satisfying customers in the greater Memorial / Galleria area for many years now by building them high quality custom homes that stand out and make a statement. The pride we take in our work, the way we pay attention to even the smallest details and our outstanding customer service all add up to us being one of the most sought after and reputable custom home builders in Memorial / Galleria, Texas. You will find that when someone mentions the words “custom home builders Memorial / Galleria” that are name will pop up more often than any other home construction company in the area.

About Memorial / Galleria + Other Services We Offer This Area

Memorial and Galleria are both burgeoning western suburbs of Houston, Texas. These areas boast thriving entertainment areas that are perfect for corporate executives, families, and single people to call home simply because of the array of activities and opportunities that are available to them.

If you love to shop, you’ll find no shortage of upscale malls and shopping centers in the area to do business. Area shopping centers and malls include Memorial City Mall, CityCentre Houston, and Town and Country Village. These shopping complexes make it convenient and fun to find all of the wonderful goods and services that you need for your home or business.

Galleria and Memorial Texas are also home to many great public parks to enjoy time in the outdoors. These parks make the perfect destination for family, fun, and fitness. Visitors can take advantage of the well-maintained grounds and use the tracks and paths to get a bit of exercise, the open grounds for picnics and lounging, and popular games including tennis, disc golf, and even a Splash Pad and waterpark that exist on the grounds.

Galleria and Memorial Texas are in proximity to numerous airports and Ports of Call, so if you and your family are fans of traveling for business or pleasure you can be sure that you can catch a plane without having to drive for hours. Bush Intercontinental Airport is your destination airport anytime you need to book an International flight. The world is yours when you live in these demographic areas.

Homeowners who live in the Memorial/Galleria, Texas area who need to make home repairs, renovations, or improvements to their residence will find that Vasquez Remodeling & Construction offers a first-rate construction service to meet your needs.

Enhance Your Outdoor Environment

When you want to make the most of your home and property in the Memorial and Galleria area, Vasquez Remodeling & Construction can help create the outdoor sanctuary of your dreams! Our skilled contractors can help with the design and construction of a new swimming pool that integrates features dramatic lighting, graceful waterfalls, custom-built grottoes, jetted tubs, and custom decking. Combine a personalized pool with a superiorly crafted outdoor kitchen, a captivating fireplace or fire pit and you’re positioned to entertain family and friends all year long!

New Home Construction

Are you planning on a building a new home in Memorial or Galleria, Texas? If so, Vasquez Remodeling & Construction can help you through all steps of the construction process. If you already have chosen a blueprint for your new home, our skilled contractors will build it to your specifications. If you are still in the planning process, our professionals can offer design tips that make your home ‘smarter’ and more efficient.

New Roofing and Window System Installation

Degraded roofing and window systems are among the biggest sources of energy loss in both residential and commercial settings. If you notice that you have troubles opening or closing windows, the chances are good that your home could be in needs of replacement windows. We offer name-brand window systems to prevent air leakages throughout your home, which decreases your monthly energy bills while increasing energy-efficiency in your home. Our custom roofing systems help protect the interior of your home and improve the curb appeal of your home.

Home Siding Installation

Vasquez Remodeling & Construction also offers home siding installation and repair services. If you are tired of painting or your existing siding is no longer looking its best, a new home siding system is the optimal way to improve the way your Galleria or Memorial Texas area home looks.

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